“ The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

EfferVescENTS is committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable triple bottom line. We believe that current and future investment in all three of South Africa’s bottom lines; economic, environmental & social is crucial in order to create a viable and bright future for all South Africans. We endeavour to  split our Corporate Social Responsibility focus to incorporate both our planet and its people. In additions to our regular donations to registered non profit organisations. We also practice recycling and educate the people around us on better environmental practices at home and in the work place.

The SA Wildlife College is a credible and long standing Conservation training NGO that has successfully followed its vision and mission to promote and train conversation skills in Southern Africa for over 12 years. The SAWC focuses primarily on conservation and tourism skills development in and around Transfrontier Conservation areas across the region. Many of the recipients of this skills development are community members who are able to develop skills necessary for employment.
Manxili is located 62km away from Nquthu – the nearest town with a health care facility. The population is approximately 13 800. The Manxili community only has access to basic healthcare services through a mobile clinic, which come every two weeks. Due to the fact that there is no primary healthcare facility, females give birth to children under trees – while on their way to hospital or waiting for transportation Some of the deaths are caused by complications, which include hemorrhage, infection, hypertension, obstructed labor, and complications from unsafe abortions. With adequate medical care, these conditions are not fatal. However, in areas such as Manxili inadequate or no medical care is a major factor leading to maternal deaths. As a result most women depend on traditional birth attendants who, for the most part, have had no formal midwifery training. Therefore, when complications arise, a trained medical professional is not available. Community elders die without any medical attention. Men migrate to the city to seek job opportunities, which increases the incidence of HIV/AIDS infection because women remain at home. The most prominent diseases in the area are pneumonia, TB, diarrhea especially in children, impetigo, worm infestation and ringworms. The Objective of building the Primary Healthcare Facility TB/HIV unit in Manxili Bring healthcare facility close to the community and stop unnecessary death due to lack of facilities Develop the area of Manxili Create sustainable employment opportunities Services to be provided at TB/HIV Unit HIV counselling and Testing Provision of literacy classes TB Screening Initiation of ARV’s. Initiation of TB Treatment Condom distribution Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections Preparation and conducting Male Medical Circumcision Follow up clients on TB treatment and ARV’s PCR testing of babies around six weeks Rapid testing of children at 18 months The most marginalized sectors of our communities, the rural poor, women and children bear the brunt of the burden, and are also the sectors less likely to access beneficial intervention measures. Manxili was identified as an area in need of additional assistance during consultations with the Umzinyathi District Health Department and Manager – with the purpose of initiating a project that was aligned to the partners’ key objectives, while providing just support to this rural community. Manxili was identified as an area to be prioritized for rural and infrastructural development, as part of KZN Premier Mkhize’s flagship programme for Rural development One of our clients has now built a primary healthcare care clinic in Manxili, a rural area which has no fixed healthcare facilities. To bring better primary health care to this rural community, particularly in the areas of vaccinations, TB HIV and cervical cancer. EfferVescENTS donated all the funds to erect a fence and secure the premises of this clinic.
Empro Letlape and Mulder Education and Projects CC – Our donation enabled them to purchase a switchboard to assist them with their enterprise development. The trust is a facility which provides educational requirements to those in need.