MasterChef Team Build
With MasterChef we have 4 possible challenges we can do depending on time available, space, level of difficulty, budget etc:

  • Pressure Test: each team will be required to prepare 1 starter or 1 main or 1 dessert from identical recipes supplied. Time management, presentation and attention to detail is KEY!
  • Mystery Box Challenge: each team will receive a mystery box of select ingredients they need to make use of in their dish (basic ingredients will be supplied to compliment the dishes created). With these ingredients they will need to invent an extra-ordinary starter or main or desert (depending on what you select). Creativity and Taste is KEY!
  • Skills Test: each team member will need to compete in various skills tests. Things like precision cutting and a good whipping arm are all the hints you’ll get for this test. Precision and Focus are KEY!
  • Taste/Identification Test: each member will need to compete in taste/identification tests we set out. A basic knowledge of food is KEY!

The package includes branded aprons, chef uniforms for the judges, all equipment, ingredients, AV and sound.
Time: 4 hours