Pasta Olympics

Pasta Olympics Team Build
Participants will be split into teams. Each team will be given the equipment and ingredients to create 3 pasta dishes:

  •    Chicken Basil Pesto Gnocchi
  •    Alfredo
  •    Macaroni and Cheese

The catch with this challenge is that no recipes are supplied. Teams have to cook using the ingredients supplied, past experience in the kitchen & creativity. An alternate option is that teams make the pasta from scratch which requires a pasta machine per team and some additional time for the team build.

The results are hysterically disastrous for some teams as they drink wine and try & remember how to make these all-time classics. The atmosphere is light and fun, with some good natured bickering between teams as they try and see what the others are up too. Some teams create delectable, mouth-watering, restaurant quality dishes. Most teams surprise themselves by turning out brilliant & tasty adaptations to these classics.
Judges will be walking around during the course of the cook-off
giving a few top tips.

It all comes down to TASTE, PRESENTATION & TEAM WORK

Time: 2 hours